First Post

Welcome to my blog everybody, just a quick update to catch people up to speed if they don’t know already. I’m a 2011 Junior Fellow(JF) representing RYERSON!!!…I’ll be working with Engineers Without Borders(EWB) on the Water & Sanitation(WatSan) team in Malawi this coming summer.

I will be positing updates on everything to do with me in Malawi here throughout my trip.

This is my first time on doing anything related to blogging so if anything seems off or you have any opinions please feel free to share them with me.

For more informations on EWB or the JF program in specific you can visit our website, or just ask me.

Well I think that’s it for now, I will keep everyone updated though.





About ajitghuman

Hey Everyone, I'm a 2011 Junior Fellow representing RYERSON!!!...I'll be working with The Water & Sanitation team in Malawi this coming summer
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1 Response to First Post

  1. rajpreet79 says:

    Hey Ajit…. Good luck … Hope u have a good start…..take care

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