En route…..

Sitting inside Washington Dallas Airport right now, just saw a third of the team get randomly searched in public…..gotta love that TSA. I’m currently running on was less sleep than I need to be effective and am just waiting to get on that plane so I can catch up on it. It really seems like its happening now, I cant believe I will be there within a day now. The day ended with our 3 AM cab ride which saw a truck in flames on the Gardiner, falling asleep and waking up at the airport, falling asleep on the floor waiting for the plane, falling asleep in the plane and now falling asleep while typing this in the midst of waiting to fall asleep on the plane. I will try to update when I land but no guarantees on internet access so well see what happens, time to sleep now.

Live from Washington this is Ajit signing out,


About ajitghuman

Hey Everyone, I'm a 2011 Junior Fellow representing RYERSON!!!...I'll be working with The Water & Sanitation team in Malawi this coming summer
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