About Me

Let’s just do this point form
  • I’m a third year Chemical Engineering Student at Ryerson University
  • 2011 JF heading to Malawi
  • A member of EWB for about 4 months now
  • My hobbies include anything to do with cars, sports and eating
  • Top 3 TV shows include Top Gear, The Office and Real Time
  • Top 3 books include….I’ll get back to this…..I’m not much of a reader
  • Lastly I’m Awesome

1 Response to About Me

  1. Rahul Menezes says:

    YOOOOOOOOOOOO….i miss u man!! no1 is ever down to chill lol!! ive been reading ur posts….they r awesome..make sure to keep it up!! hope to hear from u soontimess and glad everything is good with u so far!!

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